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  • Do you Have any of These Health or Cleaning Concerns?

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    Our passion is to help people improve the cleanliness and healthiness of their home living environment by providing a quality, American-made, green product.


    At the same time we are able to offer programs to receive our amazing product complimentary as well as countless career opportunities for people in all walks of life.


    We strive to inspire our Rainbow Family to live a positive lifestyle and to be financially free while helping others do the same.

  • Clean and Green

    Discover a natural solution to improve the health of your living environment. 100% Made in the USA

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  • Are You Sleeping With These Uninvited House Guests?

    Dust mites are invisible to the naked eye but will give you very real symptoms, such as:

    • Sneezing
    • Runny nose and red, watery eyes
    • Stuffy nose, Itchy nose, mouth or throat
    • Cough

    If you have asthma, you may also experience:

    • Difficulty breathing - even chest tightness or pain
    • A whistling or wheezing sound when breathing out
    • Trouble sleeping caused by shortness of breath, coughing or wheezing

  • Always Delivering Value

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    Over 80 Years of Technological Advancements

    The most cost-effective system available today.

    The Rainbow was designed in 1936 to clean floors and purify the air.


    It is designed for a lifetime of use, and is an American made product built to last. Today’s system cleans your floors, furniture, and the air you and your family breathe.

    Our product creates the healthiest environment possible for families. Rainbow offers cutting edge technology using nature’s most powerful element: water.

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    Make sure to get the full authorized warranty and service you deserve.

    Do not make the mistake of purchasing your Rainbow from an unauthorized retailer.

    Learn More...

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    Rigorous Standards

    The Rainbow System meets the most demanding standards. It will exceed yours too.

  • Satisfied Customers

    Some feedback from our amazing customers!

    Our son, David, is 2.5 years old and does not sleep through the night. We get him to fall asleep in his bed and then in the middle of the night he runs to our room to sleep in our bed. If we try to make him go back into his room the entire night is a battle of trying to get him to fall asleep in his own bed.


    Then we got the Rainmate and we were told to put it in David’s room and put the eucalyptus scent in it. We did and he slept through the night! In fact he sleeps so good when we turn it on at night. In fact we have had the rain mate in his room for the last two weeks and he has only woken up twice! We are so happy with the Rainmate and we are now so well rested!

    We love the Rainbow vacuum too! I enjoy finding how gross the water is after I’m done vacuuming the house and our office. I’m happy to say that the water isn’t as gross as it was when we first got the rainbow 😊

    Brad and Candice Bark





    Before the Rainbow:



    Husband would have to blow his nose every morning to empty his sinuses. I suffer from chronic sinusitis and always have had sinus symptoms . We would both wake up feeling sluggish and heavy because we would feel congested. We have a dog and the house would have a "dog odor". My dog would still have accidents in the house. The house would always be dusty. Carpets were very flat and never looked clean



    After the Rainbow:

    Husband and I no longer have to blow our noses when we get up in the morning, and the heavy, congested feelings are a thing of the past. There is no odor in the house, it smells like nothing! YAY! My dog has stopped having accidents--we can only link this to the lack of odor, nothing else has changed. I never have to dust! The Rainbow removes the dust and dirt in the air, and it no longer settles on the furniture. Carpet has raised up and no longer looks smashed down, plus they look cleaner! I used to cringe when we would have people coming over because I was embarrassed of my floors and now I am excited that people will see how clean my carpets/house are! Thank you, Brenda, Ryan, and Brittany !Glenn and Abby Beenblossom



    Wow!! Just shampooed my carpets for the first time using my rainbow!!! I am amazed at 1. How new the carpet looks. 2. How easy it was 3. How it didn't take long at all and 4 how quick it dried!! I'm amazed and happy!!! #lovemyrainbow--Yet Another Happy Rainbow Owner




    A Happy customer stated:

    The next day after we purchased, I started cleaning our house that I had always thought I'd kept as dust-free as possible. We live on a farm and have a dirt driveway and have always done the best I can due to my respiratory problems. After using this machine on the entire house---floors, furniture, mattresses, I began to notice a difference in our home within the next few days. My allergies had all but disappeared. I was able to sleep better at night and have suffered less asthma symptoms. Now three months since we bought our Rainbow, I am convinced that this machine has had everything to do with the difference in my asthma and allergies. I would recommend this machine to anyone with any types of allergies or asthma!



    We got a rainbow back in December 2015 when our 4 year old first started his chemotherapy, he only got sick one time which was due to bacteria getting on his port during a port access. I stand behind the rainbow 110% that it made a huge difference for him staying healthy throughout his whole 7 months of having a low immune system during Chemotherapy. Not only did it help him, but I have awful allergies and was taking allergy medication and I stopped taking them one month afte...r running the rainbow in our home and I haven't had to take an allergy pill since! :) When we saw our youngest child starting to get a bit of a runny nose after returning home for a night at his grandparents, we added eucalyptus to the rainbow and had it in his room throughout the night, he was back to normal the next morning. We've absolutely love vacuuming now as we can see SO MUCH stuff being pulled up from the carpets, we got rid of all our old vacuums and complete depend on the rainbow and it is totally wonderful! Before receiving the rainbow, I had to dust everyday. Now I don't have to dust but maybe once or twice a month, it has reduced the accumulation of dust and helped out tremendously. We've inlove!!! We would suggest a rainbow for every single home out there, especially the ones with low immunity or going through chemotherapy!---Amy Jo Waechter

    Only solution to a clean and healthy home! My son and husband have asthma and its eliminating the dust in my home!--- A Happy Customer


    I'm so incredibly surprised and happy with the overall change having a Rainbow in my house has made!
    We had ZERO colds this winter. That's an anomaly for me as having asthma and severe allergies puts me at risk to begin with. We have a 2nd grader in our house and although there were a few days with congestion, it was never a full blown cold.
    It REALLY has been wonderful!!!!!--A Happy customer





    Another satisfied customer stated:


    I recently signed up at the local home show and won a Rainmate. In order to receive the prize, we were shown a demonstration of your fabulous product. the demonstrator was very knowledgeable about the Rainbow product. My husband and I thought we had a great product with the Dyson, as we were picking up tons of pet hair from our carpet. However, it was just carpet fibers coming out of the carpet, not much sand and dirt. Patty showed us how much dirt we were leaving in our carpet, and I was appalled. I always pride myself on a clean house. Patty wasn't pushy, she just let us see what a great product you have. On other note, I have severe allergies to dogs and dust, and of course we have a dog and live near a busy road, so I get lots of dust in my house. Just using the vacuum for a few minutes unclogged my stuffy nose. I had not been able to breath out of my nose for days. We use it daily, and I no longer have breathing problems. My husband has decreased his snoring considerably. I call Patty my lifesaver, but I guess I am exaggerating a little. But thanks to her, I now have a cleaner home and feel so much better.





    My name is Amanda Rindels and I have been a Rainbow owner for about two years now. I love my Rainbow. I love it because it does EVERYTHING it is suppose to! It has changed my children's and my life so much! I couldn't imagine life without it. My children and I do not wake up stuffy, feeling like crap, and having no energy. The Rainbow has turned our health around 100%! Waking up every morning knowing we are not breathing in the filth is the best feeling in the world. This is the best purchase I have ever made!



    Another Happy Customer Stated:

    This Rainbow is amazing! We just got it tonight and have been vacuuming ever since! The air is fresh, the floors are clean, and we are so pleased with how easy it is to use. The Rainbow is quieter than our old vacuum(a Dyson that is only a couple years old). The dogs don't mind it, and we have a tool for everything. I am so glad we got it and look forward to using it for years to come.


    Our daughter, Emsley, had a constant cough for 5 months straight. After multiple doctor visits, and minimal answers, we were facing the possible diagnosis of asthma or allergies. As a nurse, it scared me beyond measure that this was happening to my baby. By God's grace we were introduced to Rainbow. That was March, and she hasn't coughed since. This company has truly changed our lives!!--Another Happy Customer



    This is the most fun I've had cleaning...because I know it's cleaning and not just blowing dust around! When my 6 year old says, "mom, did you have the rainbow out again today, you know it's fresh!" I love rainbow!--A Happy Customer



    I never use to be able to vacuum. I would sneeze and get stuffy. Ever since I got the Rainbow, I can vacuum without sneezing and being stuffy. It does not put the dirt back into the air like any other vacuum does. The Rainbow makes my house smell fresh and clean. I love my Rainbow!

    Stephanie Scott


    We love our Rainbow soooooo much. It's an amazing machine and our house smells so much better---

    A Happy Customer


    I thought our house was clean but I was proven wrong when Jewel and Brenda did a demo and cleaned our carpet.-- A New Rainbow Customer




    I am so very glad I made this purchase! I love being able to see that my vacuum is actually CLEANING my house. I have it on 24/7 as a humidifier and an air purifier! I love that it adjusts automatically to dryness of the house and I LOVE the oil scents I can add!
    A++++++++ product!! A+++++++++ sales rep!!---Another Satisfied Customer




    Best investment and part time job I have ever had!---A Happy Customer

    Hi my name is Shelly Anderson. I have a rainbow and 2 rainmates. I have seasonal allergies I always had to get a shot in June or July this year I didn't have to get one. I'm so glad I have the rainbow and the rainmates.


    Once again my Rainbow saved the day! Dog got sick and threw up all over the carpet. No stains and no mess my Rainbow is the best!--A Happy Owner



    My husband use to use the cpap machine ..now that we have the Rainbow and we use the Rainbowmate on the mattress, he no longer has to use the cpap. We love our Rainbow! Mindy Scribner




    Another happy customer stated

    I cant say enough for what the Rainbow has done for our family. My son was diagnosed with RSV at 3 months old. Doctors put him on a nebulizer for a few months and the wheezing in his chest would not go away. Then the doctors gave us an inhaler. We were using them on him every 3 to 4 hours. We knew we had to do something to help our son out. Fortunately for us we met Kayla Fuller at a child's expo in Eau Claire, Wisc. She had me sign up to win a little humidifier. Mr Ken Roberts showed up at our home to deliver the Rainmate and show us the Rainbow. This could not have been better timing. Running the purifier, with a combination of cleaning with the purifier, knocked out all the impurities out of the air where our son was forced to breath, and making his breathing easier. This alone was worth the money we invested! To see our 9 month old already breathing easier, eliminating his nebulizer and inhaler, I should have bought two. Our cleaning is more efficient and a great feeling when something is actually clean.




    I recently got my Rainbow, we are both smokers and having the Rainbow and the Rainmate running in our home I can not even tell that we smoke in our home. I also love that the kids are able to use it! The long handle makes it so much easier to vacuum the top bunk on their bed without holding the vacuum in the air with one hand and trying to use my old attachment in the other. I was also amazed how much my couch has come back to life just from vacuuming. I love my Rainbow!! Thank you so much, Heather Buchholz



    Only solution to a clean and healthy home! My son and husband have asthma and its eliminating the dust in my home!--Another satisfied Customer


    LOVE my rainbow if not for its amazing cleaning and air purifying abilities. . .for the fact that it instantly calms my 3 month old. Puts him to sleep even!!!--A Happy Customer


    We love our rainbow we purchased our machine from Rebecca West 2 weeks ago I have bad sinus problem and since we purchased our machine they have gotten better. My daughter had ear infection at the beginning of us getting the rainbow and just week it was gone... my daughter and husband have epilepsy and we are trying new things for them too. ..can't wait to get the rest of the attachments that go with the rainbow. --Pam Walvatne

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